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What's The Scór is a Live Score media platform.

Work hard. play hard.

Founded in 2019 by galway hurler paul flaherty.

For Club PRO’s & Officials, our purpose is to make their job easier, more efficient and update games quicker than the referee can get his book out of their pocket. Coming from a GAA background playing both Hurling & Football, we understand the needs for the club personel and we will work with them very closely to ensure we provide a top quality service to benefit their needs. We aim to give back to the clubs for their honest and worthwhile contribution.

For GAA enthaustics, at home and abroad, The purpose of What’s The Scór is to create a culture of a community where users login to follow their favourite clubs and counties Live Scores & Results like no other social media platform.

Paul Flaherty


What’s The Scór wants to provide a top quality service of producing the fastest and most efficient platform for live scores in the GAA.
We want to give back to the GAA clubs & community and give them an app where they all belong. We want to create an app with local and rural trends embedded throughout, highlighting and promoting matches which mightn’t make the highs of nationally TV or radio coverage but mean so much to the players and clubs involved.


With over 200 clubs signed up to What’s The Scór, why not get your club involved. Just fill out the form and we’ll do the rest.



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